At Pulsworks we can do just about anything you need with a recording studio.

Complete Projects

The recording project take the creativity of musicians and makes it available to people. From musical idea to completed project there is a process that develops the creative idea into music that can be experienced by fans. The process can be understood to have three basic parts:

  • Pre-Production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

Pre-Production involves everything that happens before you record your first track. This is the place where the songs are evaluated, edited, and prepared for the production stage. It is here where nature of the project becomes understood by the engineers so they can plan the best possible way to record the project; lyrics are analyzed, re-written, and edited to enhance the message to be conveyed; where the musical structure of melodies, harmonies, and rhythms are scrutinized, modified, all to reinforce and strengthen the meaning of the lyrics; and, where the parts are prepared for the various performing musicians and the musicians practice so as to be prepared to be recorded. Our engineers will walk you through this very important stage.

Production is the process of capturing everything in the recording process. It is in this stage that the musicians are recorded according to the plan prepared for in pre-production.

Post-Production is everything after all the tracks are recorded.


Mastering is the final creative step in the post-production process, bridging between the final mix and replication. The mastering studio is where the mastering engineer integrates art and audio science to prepare your final product. It is the last place where you can enhance or repair problems in an acoustically well-designed room. With objectivity and creativity our mastering engineers add the final touches make sure that your project is ready for replication and is playable on a wide variety of music systems.

Restorations & Transfers

Restoration of antique recording mediums for archive is one of our specialties. We have a full complement of tape, turntable, disk, and early digital equipment that covers almost every format. Transfer is available to all digital formats from CD quality 44.1k/16-bit, up to and including 24-bit/192k audiophile quality to our digital storage systems.

Our tape restoration equipment allows us to restore older analog tapes to prevent shedding and degradation during playback and our knowledge of past analog mediums ensures that your priceless masters remain intact, restored and faithfully archived.

You have an old 78 with priceless music—no problem! We can capture the music and make the recording sound much better with the use of our forensic restoration tools. We often capture badly warped 78’s and bring the music to life! Every restoration project is unique.

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Our Recording Studio is a state of the art facility. To book a time in our space, contact us. Find out more about our studios by visiting our Studios section.

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