Live Room

Pulsworks’ recording rooms start with The Live Room, our primary tracking space. It is a fabulous sounding room for drums, guitars, vocals or any sound that requires a little space around it. The Live Room features 12 foot ceilings, a massive 450 Sq. feet of floor space, and a very natural ambient sound. The room acoustics can also be modified to provide a slightly drier sound. Our collection of amplifiers as well as our vintage Hammond M111 and Leslie Model 145 live here as well. The noise floor in the room is so low that you cannot hear the sound of the ventilation system.

The Booth

The Booth, in contrast to the Live Room, has a much drier sound with much less ambience. It’s perfect for rockin’ guitar tracks, intimate vocals, isolating instruments during live recordings and voice-overs.

Our second booth also has a nice tight sound but with more life than the Booth. It is designed primarily for instrument isolation.

The “Concert Hall” is about 330 square feet with 11 foot ceilings and has a very detailed, yet warm sound.

If you're interested in booking time at our world class recording rooms or control rooms, get in touch. Our helpful team will walk you through the process.

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