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Control Room One, our primary tracking and mixing room, is a large and feature rich control room with plenty of room for lots of people. The space features lots of wood with a warm feel and acoustics that allow you to hear everything that is happening. At the heart of the Control Room an Amek Einstein Super “E” 80-channel console that was designed by Rupert Neve. This incredible sounding console feeds both our 32 input/40 output Pro-Tools HD system and our Otari 24-track 2” multi-track analog tape recorder along with the Studer 2-track mastering recorder. Pro-Tools is displayed on twin 60” video monitors and audio is heard through large studio grade PMC IB1 monitors powered by Bryston 7B SST2 amplifiers. Upon request, Control 1′s main monitoring can be expanded to a full 5.1 PMC system for multi-channel audio mixing projects. Our processing racks contain many great preamps, compressors, EQ’s and effects by NPNG, API, Rupert Neve Designs, Empirical Labs, Drawmer, TC Electronic, Yamaha and many others. When you check out the gear list you will find that we have a great deal of world-class equipment that is available throughout the studio and to both control rooms.

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